IMCOSS Project

This consortium comprises of 3 leading SMEs from around Europe and two research institutions from the UK and Austria. The consortium was brought together to develop a new nanostructured, injectable bone graft substitute in combination with an advanced delivery system.


The IMCOSS project includes different elements of the supply chain in combination with scientific knowledge. The business, scientific and clinical expertise represented by this consortium will together facilitate the  translation of basic science through applied research and on the development of a new medical device.

European Commission

More information on the IMCOSS Project can be found on CORDIS, the European Commission's Community Research and Development Information Service

Funded By

The Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development are funding programmes created by the European Union in order to support and encourage research in the European Research Area (ERA). The IMCOSS Project is funded under the Research for the Benefit of SMEs Programme. 

Consortium Partners